Photocopy Of Jensen Vehicle History Documents

£30.00 Ex. VAT
Part Type: Aftermarket Product

Please provide CHASSIS number under the 'WHICH MAKE(S)/MODEL(S) ARE THESE PARTS FOR?' in the checkout stage. We are not able to use a Vehicle Registration Number to find the documents for your vehicle.

The amount of information can vary drastically between vehicles, a good example of the document which we can expect to find are as follows:

  • Production Specification Card
  • Postcard
  • Production Line Inspection Sheet
  • Warranty Claim Forms
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Customer/Factory Correspondence
  • Service & Warranty Invoices
  • First Owner Details

Note - Some file may be very extensive and will cost up to £40.00. Documents are not available for every vehicle produced, documents may have been lost since the date of manufacture. Additionally, we believe some documents were never held by Jensen Motors and were exported with the Vehicle e.g USA exported Vehicles.

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