Classic Jaguar E-Type Sub Assemblies

Martin Robey Engineering Limited has been producing completely new Bodyshells for Classic Jaguar E-Types since 1982. After restoring several Bodyshells it became apparent that they all suffered similar corrosion problems. When the corrosion damaged panels were removed, it revealed further corrosion and undesirable repairs. Once all corrosion was removed, there was never much of the original body left before the rebuild could take effect. Due to this, it was decided to produce the few remaining panels that were not in production, whilst simultaneously producing new Bodyshells. Throughout the years, Martin Robey Group has become very experienced in the production of Jaguar E-type Bodyshells and provides only the highest quality products.

To allow for a tailored service that can accommodate every customer, three Bodyshell systems were created: System I, System II and System III. These systems offer the Bodyshell in different stages for the experienced customers who wanted to rebuild a Bodyshell from an early stage in production, there are various combinations available that can be tailored to any customer's needs.


The breakdown of the bodyshells can be seen in the links below, for more information on our Bodyshells

See our Bodyshell and Sub-Assembly page in this link

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