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Front End / Bonnet Assembly For Series 3 V12 E-Type / Xke

£9049.52 Ex. VAT
Item Number: 16.1 of 20 in 'Bonnet Panels Late'
Part Number: BD36747
Part Type: Genuine Jaguar Product

We are delighted to offer this hand-assembled authentic assembly. The bonnet is built by Jaguar themselves and is hand finished using the original tooling, with original specification fittings.


The Bonnet assemblies provided by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will not be an exact fit for your vehicle. Due to the age of the tooling and fittings being used during manufacture and assembly, the Bonnet will require adjustment in order to be fitted to your vehicle appropriately. The manner in which E-Types were manufactured on the production line in the 60s, every vehicle was unique. As an estimate and guidance for a skilled fitter, a Complete Body Shell when produced in house at Martin Robey Group using a JLR manufactured Bonnet, requires on average between 16 and 32 hours work for accurate fitment. In extreme cases, the additional adjustments required can require up to 40+ hours work by a skilled fitter. To provide some guidance and insight to what standard or 'normal' adjustments may be required to a JLR Bonnet, the following information needs to be considered; The variations in the Bonnets require extensive adjustments in the shims on the Front Frame in order to achieve levelling and gapping of the wings to the existing vehicle body. It is standard for the Bonnet to require lead loading in order for the body lines to be accurate. The wings/ fenders may also require re-wiring even after levelling/shimming process has been completed. Martin Robey Group or Jaguar Land Rover will not accept any of the additional work required for fitment as a fault. The Bonnet assembly should be inspected prior to purchase or immediately upon receiving the product. All Bonnets are inspected before leaving our premises. In the rare case of any damages, the fault needs to be highlighted immediately. 

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