Sheet Metal

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At Martin Robey Eng Ltd you will find a unique combination of skills and equipment for sheet metal engineering. The facility is divided into several different departements each with its own identity and core skills. What sets this facility apart from any other is the diverse range of experience and manufacture equipment which enables virtually any form of sheet metal engineering to be undertaken by this family run flexible company.

What do we make?

Almost anything for anything out of Sheet Metal - Tube - Bar Angle Iron or Section. Mild Steel, Stainless, Brass, Aluminium, Chrome Mollidbeum Tubing.

Most common Materials used today. From a simple strip of Metal with or without Holes and Folds to Panels for Current Commercial Vehicles. Mudguards for Current Motorcycles, Fuel Tanks for Motor cars, almost a complete E-Type Jaguar, and Jensen Interceptor Levers and brackets for tanks and military vehicles. pressings for aircraft, and self propelled guns, hood frames for cars and trucks.

Pressing and Assembly for a range of kitchen ovens tubular fabrications for commercial catering, folded sections and stands for shop fitting and architectural work brackets and rails for fencing, machine guards, brackets for bouncing castles, brackets for scaffolding and motor vehicle pressings for spares after production has ended. Chrome bumpers, tanks for laboratories and brackets for electronics industry and many many more.


With over 6,000 parts being produced on a regular basis from tiny brackets to complete motor vehicle body shells, a fully computerised production control system with real time data collection has proved to be extremely beneficial for both small batches through to high Volume regular call off. We use a system where each part has its sub parts detailed enabling, stock control, with trial kitting, full shop floor planning with individual operations identified with bar coded tracking and routing.

Project - Tooling Design

We are able to offer complete projects in house, virtually any sheet metal parts can be produced, from initial sample or proto-type with tooling design for simple punching and forming through to deep drawn panels using our double action presses with air cushion also, assembly jigs can be produced in house where we can then offer a full production system incorporating, laser, punching pressing, welding assembly and virtually any methods of finishing, often making substantial saving on transport costs to and from several sub-contractors. Tubular fabrications are also catered for.


An inspection system to suit the product can be designed and manufactured checking fixtures.


We can cut mild steel, aluminium stainless sheets using a range of guillotines up to 3m 4mm curved shapes can be cut on Pulmax Nibbler Shears and for fabrication work we have oxy acetylene profiling plasma etc.


Band Saws, for sheet metal, circular saws for the tube and section with manual through to fully auto with hack and band saws for Bar to 150mm diameter.

Press Shop

We have an extensive range of presses to suit most needs of domestic and motor vehicle requirements for try out low volume and regular medium and high volume call off. With the range from 5 ton to 750 ton both single and double action with air cushion drawing available. Also we cater for spare part demand and can repair, replace lost or damaged tooling. Deep drawn pressing such as fuel tanks, wings for motor vehicles and cooker doors are regularly produced.

Sweeney Blockswedge 5t M S.A AS BS 21 x 14
CLUANNA 25t M S.A AS BS 27 x 17
HME 25t M S.A AS BS 27 x 19
RHODES 40t M S.A FS BS 28 x 20
SMT 250t M S.A FS AC BS 46 x 30
Wilkins Mitchell 250t M S.A FS AC BS 72 x 48
Wilkins Mitchell 350t M S.A FS AC BS 61 x 48
British Clearing 450t H DA AC BS 86 x 50
British Clearing 750t M DA FS AC BS 108 x 64
Dual Form Model 6 160t H DA NA NA BS 36 x 36
With full trimming both mechanically and 5 Axis laser, skilled -semi skilled - assembly facility pressings can be completed to any level.
t = tons
M = Mechanical
H = Hydraulic
SA = single action
AS = Adjustable stroke
DA = Double Action
FS = fixed stroke
AC = air cushion
BS = Bed size in inches
With full trimming both mechanically and 5 Axis laser, skilled -semi skilled - assembly facility pressings can be completed to any level.

Profile Trimming and Punching

Cutting a curved line in a flat sheet metal can be carried out by using a Pulmax Nibbling Shear or a Rotary Shear, These machines are also suitable to trim pressings. A shape Delta II Auto index Turret Punching Machine with off line programming can be used to punch holes in Sheet Metal or a combination of high speed punching to cut any shape into sheet metal. High Volume requirements may require punching and blanking on high-speed power presses using special tooling. Pressing can be trimmed to close tolerance using our 5 Axis 2KW laser profiling machine, with a bed size of 2m x 3m x 1m most auto motive panels can be trimmed.

Folding and Forming

We cater for the simplest fold in a flat strip to multi folds up to 3m long x 3mm thick steel. Straight, Box Pan Folders and Hydraulic Brake Presses are available to form sharp or radiused folds. A 7 Axis 3m x 120t Brake Press gives accuracy and quick setting with memory for repeat batches.


Most forms of welding are carried out in house on low-medium volume assembly and component manufacture.


  • Oxy acetylene Gas welding, brazing, silver soldering
  • Mig Welding mild steel, Stainless
  • Tig Welding mild steel, stainless
  • Spot Welding with both free standing and portable units most requirements are met
  • Stitch Welding for panel joints where cleaning back the weld is available
  • Seam Welding for fuel tanks and continuous panel joints
  • Arc Welding for tooling repairs and structural fabrications
  • Stud Welding of threaded studs to 12mm diameter.


Pressings and Folded panels can be assembled using various welding methods with studs, brackets being attached to form assembled components ready for metal finishing such as bumpers, floor assembly, electrical cabinets, cooker units throughout the sheet metal industry.

Skilled Sheet metal work

Skilled sheet metal workers with panel beating and development skills can produce 1 off or small batches of panels or produce parts using folding forming welding and surface finishing, re working pressings and jig work is a regular requirement. Eckhold shrinking-stretching machines are part of this well equipped versatile department.


Tubular sheet metal workers with panel beating and development skills can produce 1 off or small batches of panels or produce parts using folding forming welding and service finishing. Re working pressings and jigs for accuracy and efficiency with the extensive equipment available, bushes, brackets can be produced and welded into position.

Metal Treatment Finishing

We offer in house trichloroethylene degreasing, barrel tumbling, vibratory bowl de burring and finishing, for heavier work various linishing and polishing machines are available, we offer electro plating in chrome, zinc with powder coating to any specification and volume, packaging and delivery is also available.

Tool room

We can manufacture tooling and jigs for a variety of components, from small brackets to deep drawn pressings; we can work from cad data, a drawing or just a sample of the part. Patterns and castings can be produced with CNC or copy machining, through to component sample and production requirement.

Sub Assembly Stores

With regular call offs of sheet metal assembly's we offer a sub assembly store where parts can be produced in volume to an economic level stored and assembled in regular batches as required, a fully computerised stock control system with trial kitting ensures deliveries are met on time.

Body shop

We have been producing new body shells for the E-type jaguar for over twenty years, we offer them as a "Sub Assembly Unit" which is the body without the outer panels fitted, which are available in kit form, this is aimed at the professional body shop or the experienced amateur. We can also supply the unit fully assembled, lead loaded and cleaned back ready for the paint process. Professional spot welders and our experience in assembly and high quality finish enable us to offer low volume build or modification to virtually any body for either special purpose vehicle or road-race or rally car.