Motor Engineering

Company Background

Martin Robey Engineering Limited, has for many years been acknowledged as the major player in the manufacture and supply of parts for the Classic Jaguar and Jensen marques.

The unique body building facility for E type Jaguars, is world renowned and the Motor Vehicle Engineering Department is acknowledged as providing a comprehensive and quality service for classic Jaguars and Jensen Motor cars. The most important E Types 77 RW, The First Production E Type and HDU 555N, the last E Type produced were restored at the works for the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust (JDHT).

  • Total Restorations
  • Minor to Major Repairs
  • Routine Interval Services and Repairs
  • Accident Repairs
  • Minor to Major Body Work
  • New Body Shells and Sub Assembly Units for E Type Jaguars
  • Interior Trim Replacements
  • Paint Respaying
  • Upgrades and Improvements

Repair and servicing of Classic Jaguars and Jensens is provided for from minor repairs and servicing through to complete renovation of major units such as engine, gearbox, brakes and axle units. Stainless steel exhausts can be purchased and fitted by prior arrangement while you wait. A full vehicle collection and delivery service is available.

Jaguar - E Type, MKII, S Type, 420, MK10, XJ, XJS Jensen - Interceptor Saloon, Convertible, FF, Jensen-Healey, Jensen GT


We can build the system body shell or sub assembly to accommodate later style features or modifications.



5 Speed Gearbox conversions

Inner Middle Sill Reinforcing
Our own designed extra middle sill that gives additional rigidity to the Monocoque, especially Drop Head Coupes.

4. 2 Fuel Pump Mounting Bracket

This is available to incorporate on 3.8 models where the submersible fuel pump can be replaced with the later 4.2 type either upon assembly or some time in the future.

Inertia Seat Belt Mounting

This gives an additional rear Upper mounting point with Chromium plated brackets to Mount a standard stock inertia seat belt kit. (not supplied).

Sub Assemblies

Sub Assembly

We offer a Sub Assembly unit for the E Type Jaguars which is a body shell without the outer body panels. The unit is available with or without bulkhead and donor bulkheads can be fitted after refurbishment.

They are virtually all welded together and are designed for the professional body shop or experienced enthusiast to complete. To finish the unit off to a complete body shell a kit of panels is available. Fitting is not included in any of he panel kit or sub assemblies costs.

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Panel Kits

Alpha, Beta and Delta panel kits contain only sheet metal parts and DO NOT include any locks, hinges, engine frame and or fixtures or fittings, these parts can be used from donor vehicles and any parts that are beyond service we can supply new ones.

Floor Units

We offer Base Floor Units for all E types, there are two types of Floor Units

  • Basic Floor - Sill Unit - For further information click here
  • Full Floor Unit - For further information click here