Service & Restoration

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From the first to the last

We build to,

Very Early 3.8 Series 1,
Standard 3.8. Series 1,
Series 1,4,2,
Series 1,1/2 4.2,
Series 11, and
Series 111

specified for right or left hand drive. Additional strengthening of the Monocoque, Inertia Seat Belt Kits and modifications for the taller driver can also be incorporated.

Above all the overall build quality attention and authentic appearance, with high quality fit bonnet, doors etc., give the body shell extremely flowing lines as originally intended.

System Rebuild

Body shells available in several different builds

System One

This is a completely new Monocoque (body shell) with new bulkhead supplied and fitted.

This system is for owners who have suitable doors and boot lid available for use.

The cost includes for the welding of the unit fitting of the doors and boot lid, gapping these lead loading and cleaning back. Certain chrome work and fittings are trial fitted.

The cost of repairing doors, boot lid or fixtures and fittings is not included in the system rebuild cost.

System Two

A "Sytem One" but new doors and boot lid are supplied
and fitted.

System Three

A "System Two" but with a new Bonnet which is supplied
and fitted.


We also undertake fitting the customers Bonnet as an additional cost to System One and Two processes.

Any repairs necessary to the bonnet or engine frames are not allowed for in the System cost.


In all cases the bulkhead from the original vehicle can be used after reconditioning, (at additional cost) with a reduction on the System cost for not using a new bulkhead.

The cost of any fixtures locks, hinges, engines frames are not included in any of the "System Rebuilds" prices, parts from the donor vehicle can be used and any parts that are beyond serviceable life can be obtained from us at the