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There are two ways you can search for parts on our site.

1. Enter either the part description or part number into the box at the top of the page or in the search box in Jaguar, Jensen, Jensen Healy Parts sections.

2. Search using our Interactive Parts Catalogues where clicking on Plate numbers for an illustrated Part will take you to the details about the Part including cost.

If you are having problems finding the part you need, please contact us.

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  • Individual prices shown do not include any VAT (Value Added Tax) currently 20% on most goods. This tax only applies to persons residing in E.E.C (European Economic Communities) or where goods are to be delivered to an EEC Country.
  • VAT is added when your shapping basket is calculated or ordered.
  • These prices are usually A GUIDE ONLY and although our prices are regularly updated some items may be SUBJECTED TO A CHANGE in the retail price or subjected to a special offer or discount and POST AND PACKING CHARGES WILL NEED TO BE CALCULATED AND ADDED WITH ANY VAT APPLICABLE on a mail order item, on receipt of any our sales team will check your order and notify you of any changes required.
  • Most parts for the Pre 1974 Jaguar models such as E-Type, XKE, MKII, S-Type 420, XK, Particularly Body Panels, Chrome Work, Fixtures, Trim, Electrical, Brakes, Suspension, Steering have been re-manufactured by Martin Robey and can only be 'Searched' by using a Martin Robey part number e.g. MRK1 or MRE 10 or 'Keyword' these part numbers can be found by searching or downloading a Martin Robey Catalogue found in 'Useful information' or by CLICKING HERE
  • Genuine Jaguar parts and some re-manufactured parts particularly mechanical items can be found using a Jaguar part number e.g. C20677 or by using a Keyword description e.g. Piston which would list all the Pistons we stock, but Pistons for a later model may not be listed as it may not be a stock item but can be obtained from us as we gold the entire Jaguar Inventory on our Parts System with daily deliveries from Jaguar.
  • When using keyword searches Jaguar Part Numbers can be found using a Jaguar Parts Book which are available from us either in a Book form or a CD version, CLICK HERE for DETAILS, also Martin Robey Catalogues especially Post 1974 Models such as XJ, XJS. CLICK HERE for DETAILS.
  • If in doubt please don't hesitate to contact us for enquiry or Part Search.
  • When using a 'Keyword Search' please not that some countries have different names for the same part i.e. Jaguar use 'Front End' for the bonnet of an E-type (XKE) in the USA. it may be called a 'Hood' a wing could be a Side Panel by Jaguar or a Fender in the USA.
  • If in doubt search using a Martin Robey Catalogue or a Jaguar Parts Book. Parts for Jensena and Jensen Healey whether original or Martin Robey Parts using Original tooling use Jensen and Jensen Healey Part Numbers, these can be found using a Martin Robey Catalogue CLICK HERE or a Jensen Parts Book CLICK HERE.