Engine Frames

 • We have been Manufacturing Engine Frames for over Twenty Years.
• We produce the Frames to accommodate for The Various Engineering changes throughout the production span of the Model

We Supply

C20352 MRE 91E Bonnet Support Frame early style Ser I
C20352 MRE 91 Bonnet Support Frame Ser I, II
C32395 & C38814 MRE 91A Bonnet Support Frame
Ser III V12
C15014 MRE 92 Picture Frame Ser I
C28922 MRE 92A Picture Frame Ser I½ Ser II
C32395 & C38814 MRE 92B Picture Frame Ser III V12
C15029 & C15030 MRE 93RH/94LH Engine Side Frame
Ser I, II
C32406 & C36206 R/H MRE 93ARH Engine Side Frame
Ser III V12
C32407 & C36207 L/H MRE 94ALH Engine Side Frame
Ser III V12
C32389 ——————— Top Picture Frame Rail Ser III V12
C33497 ——————— Cross Brace Front Ser III V12
C33378 ——————— Cross Brace Rear Ser III V12

• Our Frames are made to the Original Drawings in comprehensive assembly Jigs
• We use high quality Chrome Molidbeum Tubing and Low Allow Crack Resistant Steel for the Brackets
• The Frames are Bronze Welded as originally
• The Brackets and Mounting Plates are Laser Profiled for Accuracy and Quality
• Each Frame is Numbered and is checked for quality and fit at every stage with full Traceability within our Quality System
• Our Frames are Guaranteed to fit and conform with a money back warranty
• Our Frames are the Professionals Choice and are Fitted to the most Important E Types Restored
• They are available from Stock, over the Counter, National and International Mail Order.